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How iTunes Is Utilizing Facebook Fan Page

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Baja Fresh, the Mexican fast food chain, ran a Facebook campaign this week to get people to sign up as fans of their page.  They were giving away a free burrito to anyone that signed up as a fan and brought in the confirmation code to a participating Baja Fresh restaurant.  This campaign reminded me of something Starbucks and a few other companies have utilized on Facebook in the past.  These campaigns are great to attract fans but what do you do when they actually sign up?  Surprisingly most companies do nothing and they become just another fan page for the average Facebook user.  One company that I think is doing a great job with their Facebook page is Apple.  Apple ran a promotion a few weeks back where they were giving away 20 songs on iTunes from up and coming bands for signing up to their fan page.  I couldn’t pass on 20 free songs so I signed up and got my songs.  Granted, most of the songs were misses for me, but I found a few gems.  Since signing up, iTunes now appears on my feed on a daily basis highlighting new music, artists, concerts, compilations, TV shows, movies, etc.  I don’t go to the iTunes store on a regular basis so I find the feed to be  invaluable.  I’ve even purchased a few songs that Apple highlighted on my feed.  I’d like to see more companies take advantage of their fan pages in creative ways that make sense to the brand, especially since they’ve already done the hard work by capturing eyeballs in terms of fans.


Written by Atique Ullah

September 3, 2009 at 2:36 PM

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