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Facebook, Twitter And Coming To Xbox 360 Next Month

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Back in June, Microsoft announced that 360 owners will be able to access their Facebook, Twitter and accounts through the Xbox dashboard.  Microsoft indicated that the new features will debut sometime in the fall.  True to form, Microsoft will enter beta testing in the next couple of weeks and end users should see an update that will add these features in the next month or so.  Microsoft developers have been playing around with these features for some time now and have even posted status updates to Facebook (“…via Facebook for Xbox Live”).  You will be able to update your Facebook status and view your feeds and browse photo albums.  Unfortunately, video and game apps will not be supported.  The Twitter app will let you post updates as well as view updates from those that you follow.  The app will allow you to access existing stations and create new ones.  Unfortunately you will not be able to listen to your music while playing games.  It should be interesting to see how Microsoft integrates these services and also what type of navigation system they will implement.  Without a keyboard, navigating Facebook and Twitter could become cumbersome.  In one of my earlier entries, I posted my thoughts on Facebook and Twitter on my Verizon FiOS cable.  Typing on a virtual keyboard on the TV screen is a frustrating experience to say the least.  Let’s hope Microsoft does a better job than Verizon.

Here are a couple of videos from Microsoft’s 2009 E3 briefing taking us through these new features:


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October 8, 2009 at 7:54 PM

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