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Maximize Your Social Media Presence

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Here are some great tip sheets for companies looking to maximize their social media presence and use these tools more effectively.  The information comes courtesy of New York based public relations firm, Affect Strategies.  Click through to download the individual PDFs.  Some of the tips are obvious and something all companies should be doing such as constantly updating their page with relevant information and some of the advice not so obvious.  Overall, everyone who works or are interested in social media should print these handy sheets out and hang them in their cubicle walls.

Written by Atique Ullah

February 25, 2010 at 8:55 PM

Social Stratification Among Users Of Social Networking Sites

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It seems that the Brahmins of cyberspace congregate on Facebook and LinkedIn and the folks that fall into the lower strata of society congregate on MySpace.  A recent article in CNN based on a study by market research firm Nielsen Claritas seems to point in the direction that our socio-economic status is reflected in our favorite social networking site.

Here are some highlights:

People in more affluent demographics are 25 percent more likely to be found friending on Facebook, while the less affluent are 37 percent more likely to connect on MySpace.

Almost 23 percent of Facebook users earn more than $100,000 a year, compared to slightly more than 16 percent of MySpace users.  And 37 percent of MySpace members earn less than $50,000 annually, compared with about 28 percent of Facebook users.

Even more affluent are users of Twitter, the microblogging site, and LinkedIn, a networking site geared to white-collar professionals.  Almost 38 percent of LinkedIn users earn more than $100,000 a year.

It’s too early to tell if these trends will hold and what it will mean for advertisers and brands.  MySpace has been hemorrhaging users and Facebook is growing exponentially.  If Facebook releases more robust music apps, they could siphon off the segment of MySpace’s community that are there because of music.  Also, LinkedIn is a very specific networking site and very unlike the general networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, so it stands to reason that the user base is more affluent.  Someone on LinkedIn could very well be on a general networking site like Facebook and someone who tweets could be on MySpace.  While the study provides valuable insight, the world of social media is not so cut and dry at this point and is constantly evolving.

Here is the CNN article:

Users with household income above $75,000

Facebook — 41.74 percent
MySpace — 32.38 percent
LinkedIn — 58.35 percent
Twitter — 43.34 percent

Users with household income under $50,000

Facebook — 28.42 percent
MySpace — 37.13 percent
LinkedIn — 17.34 percent
Twitter — 28.36 percent

Female users

Facebook — 56.33 percent
MySpace — 56.69 percent
LinkedIn — 48.11percent
Twitter — 53.59 percent

Users aged 18 to 24

Facebook — 10.27 percent
MySpace — 15.46 percent
LinkedIn — 3.99 percent
Twitter — 9.51percent

Users aged 35 to 49

Facebook — 31.54 percent
MySpace — 29.09 percent
LinkedIn — 43.64 percent
Twitter — 34.02 percent

Source: The Nielsen Co.

Written by Atique Ullah

October 14, 2009 at 9:02 PM

Facebook, Twitter And Coming To Xbox 360 Next Month

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Back in June, Microsoft announced that 360 owners will be able to access their Facebook, Twitter and accounts through the Xbox dashboard.  Microsoft indicated that the new features will debut sometime in the fall.  True to form, Microsoft will enter beta testing in the next couple of weeks and end users should see an update that will add these features in the next month or so.  Microsoft developers have been playing around with these features for some time now and have even posted status updates to Facebook (“…via Facebook for Xbox Live”).  You will be able to update your Facebook status and view your feeds and browse photo albums.  Unfortunately, video and game apps will not be supported.  The Twitter app will let you post updates as well as view updates from those that you follow.  The app will allow you to access existing stations and create new ones.  Unfortunately you will not be able to listen to your music while playing games.  It should be interesting to see how Microsoft integrates these services and also what type of navigation system they will implement.  Without a keyboard, navigating Facebook and Twitter could become cumbersome.  In one of my earlier entries, I posted my thoughts on Facebook and Twitter on my Verizon FiOS cable.  Typing on a virtual keyboard on the TV screen is a frustrating experience to say the least.  Let’s hope Microsoft does a better job than Verizon.

Here are a couple of videos from Microsoft’s 2009 E3 briefing taking us through these new features:

Written by Atique Ullah

October 8, 2009 at 7:54 PM

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Use Twitter To Get Latest Traffic Info

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By now we all know about the real-time communications aspect of Twitter.  CommuTweet is a new service looking to leverage that real-time aspect to provide traffic updates for commuters regardless of the mode of transport (ie. rail, car, bus, etc).  It is a free service and all you need is a Twitter account to get started.  You can view and post either on the CommuTweet website or through Twitter.  CommuTweet is also subscribed to all the official public transit feeds, so there are plenty of updates even if users aren’t generating them.  I haven’t tried it out for the New York subway system but being underground and not getting a signal might not be very useful.

Written by Atique Ullah

August 26, 2009 at 7:33 PM

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How People Use Twitter

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Here’s an eMarketer report about how people use Twitter.  It turns out that the majority of Twitter users (42%) use the service to communicate with their friends.  About 29% use Twitter to update their status, 26% to find news, and 21% for work-related reasons.  Also, more women use Twitter to keep in touch with friends than men (48.4% vs. 33.6%).

Written by Atique Ullah

July 30, 2009 at 11:49 PM

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Facebook And Twitter On Verizon FiOS

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My building here  in Manhattan just recently got FiOS TV and I signed up right away.  Overall I’ve been happy, particularly with the dedicated 20 MB/s for the internet.  This makes a marked difference when I stream Netflix to my Xbox 360.  Last week I was looking at my new messages on the cable box and noticed that Verizon just added Facebook and Twitter integration.  It’s still in its infancy but it seems promising. Facebook will only let you save one account at a time which can be a pain as it’s hard to input account info with the remote control.  Twitter does not allow for personal accounts but you can view the public timeline next to whatever you’re watching on TV.

Written by Atique Ullah

July 30, 2009 at 4:29 PM

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